Darkseid Figurine

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If ever there was a face of evil in the DC Universe, this is it. Capturing the most powerful villain the Justice League has ever faced; presenting the special editionDarkseid Figurine from the DC Comics Superhero Collection.

This Darkseid figure towers over 10 cm tall, the imposing ruler of the planet Apokolips lords over with an iron fist. Your figurine reveals bulging muscles and his iconic heavy-duty armour, Darkseid's impressive stature is bound to impress and influence those who see him.

Inside your 16-page magazine find out about the towering terror who casts a shadow wherever he goes – DC’s ultimate super-villain Darkseid and updated with their exploits in DC Comics: New 52.

DC Comics fans, don't miss your chance to add Darkseid to your Justice League collection!

Character: Darkseid
Group Affiliation: Apokolips
First Appearance: Justice League Vol 2 #3
Licensor: DC Comics
Manufacturer: Eaglemoss Collections
Type: Figurine 
Material: Metallic Resin 
Scale: 1:21
Height with Base: 10.7 cm
Weight in Packaging: 213g 
Packaging: Full-colour window box
Language: Magazine in English

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